New Look, Same Chairs

Our dining chairs were overdue for getting reupholstered.  The seat cushions had become dingy, dirty and were now covered in stains.  A trifecta of  embarrassment when company came over.  I shopped around for a local upholsterer who was reasonable in price and does good work.  I ended up going with this local guy, who happens to be very close to my house.  I dropped off the chairs on a Wednesday and they were ready by Friday.

I knew I wanted the new fabric to be darker in color to mask dirt and future stains.  Navy blue is one of my favorite colors, and it looks sooo good paired with the wood tone of the chairs.  You all know I’m a huge Emily Henderson fan, and navy blue; I think we can safely say, is her trademark color.  Her house was recently featured in Good Housekeeping, and when I saw the dining chairs I knew navy blue would be the perfect color fabric for our dining chairs.  I searched for fabrics at my local JoAnn fabric store but found nothing and what I did like was Robert Allen and out of my price range.  I ended up Googling “fabric stores in Chicago” and found this huge fabric warehouse in the Pilsen neighborhood.  This place is a hidden gem!  They have pretty much anything you can think of from tassels, to rhinestone trim, to pink and purple silk taffeta.  I left happy and with two yards of fabric.

These are the chairs prior to getting a little “facelift.”  This picture was taken soon after I purchased the dining set at an estate sale, which is why the seats are still pristine.  I’ll share the “after” pics soon.

But first, some inspiration images…
20769c66990a81f77c9fafc57f3ad2a0images via: 1, 2

Bathroom Faucets

With the bathroom renovation in the works (demo has yet to start, but you know..) I have rounded up some of my fave bathroom faucets I have come across while doing research for the design of the bathroom.  I initially thought of doing gold or copper fixtures, but ultimately our budget did not allow for this.  A hand held shower head trumps the finish option and this option is typically more expensive than the traditional fixed shower head.  We have a hand held shower now and love the convenience of it when it comes time to clean the bathroom.


  1. Ashlyn by Delta – Transitional looking faucet that is versatile and can go with pretty much anything.  Really like the clean lines of this.
  2. Claremont by Kingston Brass – A modern mini widespread option, easier to clean than the traditional 4″ centerset mounted on the panel.
  3. Concord by Elements of Design – Another mini widespread faucet, reminiscent of the popular Kohler Purist.
  4. Heritage by Elements of Design – This style is more in line with the age of our house, I think it complements the charm and character factor.
  5. Dryden by Delta – A beautiful transitional option, with clean lines yet some curve appeal as well.
  6. Restoration by Kingston Brass -Really liking the cross handles and the white porcelain “H” and “C” for hot and cold.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread


It never fails, the transitioning weather from Summer to Fall always gives me the itch to start baking again.  This recipe was given to me by a sweet friend of mine from nursing school.  One day, she showed up to class with this yummy loaf of bread and I stalked her until she emailed me the recipe.  It has become one of my go-to recipes when I want a quick and easy, yet satisfying baked bread.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

1 cup granulated sugar
4 oz. butter
1 1/2 cups mashed bananas
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup chocolate chips

In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar together.  Beat in the bananas, eggs, and vanilla.
In a small bowl, combine dry ingredients.  Stir dry ingredients into first mixture just until moistened.  Fold in chocolate chips.
Pour batter into greased and floured 9x5x3 loaf pan and cover with aluminum (make a tent to allow room for rising).
Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.  Remove foil and continue baking for 30-40 minutes until toothpick comes out clean.

Links to Love

ROYAL_ROULOTTE_RENOVATION_DECORATION_FONTAINEBLEAU_ENTREE_47Mondays, either you love or hate them.  I, personally, have a good relationship with Mondays.  It’s the start of a new week, one that is full of opportunities.  A productive Monday sets the tone for a productive week.  Here’s to a productive Monday, and hopefully a successful week ahead.  I leave you with a few links I enjoyed reading.

  • The image above is what Parisian dreams are made of, beautiful juxtaposition of old and new.
  • I have never purchased or owned a vintage rug, but when I’m ready to shop for that one-of-a-kind rug I’ll use this as my guide.
  • Have been following this renovation since the beginning, so happy to see the final reveal.
  • Love everything about this kitchen remodel, notably the wrap around kitchen counter and back splash.
  • With the bath renovation on my mind lately, here’s yet another gorgeous before and after I came across.  This time by the talented photographer Heather Kinkel.  Seeing the gorgeous bathroom had me going back and forth between marble hexagon tile vs black and white hex tile.
  • Long vs shortboard, see where these artists stand.

Bathroom Renovation: Tile Options

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve seen the galore of bathroom inspiration images I have pinned lately.  The flooring material is one of the elements in a room that sets the tone for the space.  For this bathroom, I want it to look like it belongs in this house.  I want it to have charm and character but also want it to feel new and fresh.  As I scoured images on the web, I was immediately drawn to small tile shapes; hexagon, penny tile, and herringbone pattern.  As for grout on the floor, we have pretty much decided on a gray color grout to hide dirt and stains.  Classic subway tiles will be installed on the walls about chair rail height.  I have narrowed the floor tile options to three.  Which do you prefer? or Do you have any of these in your house currently?


Bathroom: Inspiration and Ideas

The planning and design phase of a project is always my favorite because I get to look at pretty images all day.  I created a Pinterest board for the bathroom remodel and have been on a pinning frenzy ever since.  I gathered some of my favorites to share with you.  The look I’m going for is a marriage between old and new.  We live in an old home, built in 1912, so I’d like to bring back some historic character to the space, but with modern touches.

Love the herringbone tile pattern on the wall.  A great way to lay down subway tiles.BathRemodel1

I’m digging the mix of metals, white, and black in this bathroom.  BathRemodel2

Patterned tile, that’s all I’m going to say.BathRemodel3

This bathroom, it doesn’t go with the style of our house but I am in love with the different textures and beautiful neutral color scheme.BathRemodel4

This is more in line with what I’m actually looking at doing with our current bathroom.  Subway tile on the walls and small hexagon tile on the floor.BathRemodel5

Really like the modern look and feel of this.  I’m especially drawn to the wall mounted sink.


Loving the pattern of tile on the floor.BathRemodel7

Images via here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Links to Love


Image via here

Now that all of our travels are over with for the summer, I am happy to be home.  Lot’s of down time this week, which I’m happy about.  Much needed organizing going on throughout the house, some pool time with Vivian, and met up for dinner with my bestie.  I also caught up on my blog reading and found some pretty sweet reads along the way I want to share with you.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

One day, I will have a design studio and it will look like this.

This family just surpassed us all in coolness factor.  I mean, who lives in a castle? They do.

All you ever wanted to know about how to hang curtains (the right way).

My vacation pictures never look this good.  Speaking of vacation, I should really get to it and write a recap post about our trip to Mexico and Florida.