Bathroom Renovation: Tile Options

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve seen the galore of bathroom inspiration images I have pinned lately.  The flooring material is one of the elements in a room that sets the tone for the space.  For this bathroom, I want it to look like it belongs in this house.  I want it to have charm and character but also want it to feel new and fresh.  As I scoured images on the web, I was immediately drawn to small tile shapes; hexagon, penny tile, and herringbone pattern.  As for grout on the floor, we have pretty much decided on a gray color grout to hide dirt and stains.  Classic subway tiles will be installed on the walls about chair rail height.  I have narrowed the floor tile options to three.  Which do you prefer? or Do you have any of these in your house currently?


Bathroom: Inspiration and Ideas

The planning and design phase of a project is always my favorite because I get to look at pretty images all day.  I created a Pinterest board for the bathroom remodel and have been on a pinning frenzy ever since.  I gathered some of my favorites to share with you.  The look I’m going for is a marriage between old and new.  We live in an old home, built in 1912, so I’d like to bring back some historic character to the space, but with modern touches.

Love the herringbone tile pattern on the wall.  A great way to lay down subway tiles.BathRemodel1

I’m digging the mix of metals, white, and black in this bathroom.  BathRemodel2

Patterned tile, that’s all I’m going to say.BathRemodel3

This bathroom, it doesn’t go with the style of our house but I am in love with the different textures and beautiful neutral color scheme.BathRemodel4

This is more in line with what I’m actually looking at doing with our current bathroom.  Subway tile on the walls and small hexagon tile on the floor.BathRemodel5

Really like the modern look and feel of this.  I’m especially drawn to the wall mounted sink.


Loving the pattern of tile on the floor.BathRemodel7

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Links to Love


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Now that all of our travels are over with for the summer, I am happy to be home.  Lot’s of down time this week, which I’m happy about.  Much needed organizing going on throughout the house, some pool time with Vivian, and met up for dinner with my bestie.  I also caught up on my blog reading and found some pretty sweet reads along the way I want to share with you.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

One day, I will have a design studio and it will look like this.

This family just surpassed us all in coolness factor.  I mean, who lives in a castle? They do.

All you ever wanted to know about how to hang curtains (the right way).

My vacation pictures never look this good.  Speaking of vacation, I should really get to it and write a recap post about our trip to Mexico and Florida.

Wallpaper Wednesday

I recently came across Juju Papers and instantly fell in love with their beautiful wallpaper designs.  This small wallpaper studio is based out of Portland, Oregon and is doing so many good things.  They are an environmentally friendly company and each roll is handprinted and made to order, how cool is that?!

Feast your eyes on these beauties…

Juju1  Juju3 Juju4

Bathroom–It’s Time for a Change

Shortly after moving into our house two years ago, we updated the bathroom.  Just enough so it felt like “us”.  All we did was apply a fresh coat of paint and removed the awful chair rail.  At the time, we were busy updating more pressing items such as new electrical wiring throughout, new recessed lighting in the living room and kitchen, and how can I forget the holy grail of all messes.  Well, two years later I’m ready for a new bathroom.  This time we’re going all the way.



I want to come up with a closed storage solution to replace our current clutter-of-a-mess storage.  This will prove to be tricky since the radiator is underneath.  We’ll see what I come up with.  In the meantime, any suggestions or ideas?



I’d like to lay down new flooring, new shower tile, and install a new sink/vanity, and new fixtures throughout.  We’ll be keeping the tub and toilet to save money.  I’m excited for the planning stage, not so excited about the mess that is to come.

The Design Choice I Regret Making


We are all guilty of following design trends and incorporating them into our home decor.  Last year, I bought a rug for the living room that I now regret purchasing because it just didn’t work with our lifestyle.  The Moroccan shag rug was all the rage 2+ years ago.  Being a lover of neutrals/white/grays in home decor, I jumped on board with said trend.  To date, I still love this rug very much.  After much debate, (and by “much”, I mean 5-6 months of going back and forth whether I should get a white/cream colored rug) I pulled the trigger and bought this rug.  Fast forward 10 months later and the rug is now rolled up and in the basement.  The rug got soo dirty and gross in no time.  See, my family is not take your-shoes-off-at-the-door type of people.  And so, I literally would cringe at the sight of company walking with shoes on all over my pretty white rug.  I’m not the confrontational type so I never had the guts to tell company to take their shoes off at the door.

I researched rug cleaning companies and found that it cost more to clean the rug than what I actually paid for the rug, so that idea went out the window.  We ended up putting the rug away before Vivian’s party because it was just way too dingy and dirty looking.  So now our living room is without a rug.  With Vivian crawling and starting to walk I feel she needs a softer surface to play and roll around in (we have wood floors throughout).


Image via

This could be us….^^



Instead, this is us….^^

The image doesn’t show the dirt very well (in most cases, that’s a good thing) but you get the idea.

Flowers in a Box


I have window boxes, in my backyard.  My dream of having window flower boxes have come true.  I really wanted the window boxes to be up in time for Vivian’s party and thankfully they were.  I just haven’t blogged about it until now.

The boxes are your standard window boxes from Home Depot.  I also bought a small bag of potting soil, the plastic liner that goes inside the actual wooden box and, of course, picked up a few pretty flowers that caught my eye.  This is a simple project that adds a lot of warmth, charm, and character to the outside of home.


This is what I have been looking at for the past few weeks to get ideas and inspiration…

flower box6flower box1flower box5 flower box4 flower box3  flowe box2

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