R.I.P Fern

It goes without saying that Fern has seen better days.  I’m convinced that the fern is the new fiddle leaf fig tree, and seeing as that I can’t keep many plants alive I didn’t want to spend the money on a fiddle leaf and then have it die on me a couple months later.  Also, based on the research I did, fiddle leaf’s like a lot of sunlight.  Besides the morning sun that comes into the living room, the house doesn’t really get a lot of sunlight throughout the day.  With that being said, I knew a pretty little fiddle tree was not in my future.

I have always loved the lush and delicate leaves of a fern so I decided to spring for one and put it in the living room.  I even bought a pretty woven basket (not shown) to house the plant.  The plant was doing great all through the Summer and into the Fall.  I misted the leaves religiously to keep them moist, watered it about every other day and it was looking great.  The downward spiral began when we turned on the heat in the house.  I think the air was too dry and leaves started to fall and turn yellow and brown.  I even moved the plant to the bathroom for a few days where the humidity is higher but that didn’t seem to help.

When is it ok to throw the towel in?


Wall behind TV


We are now 2 years in this house.  My how time flies.  So many changes we’ve been through, some not so good, others…well, the best change ever ahem…Vivian.  For the longest time, the wall behind the TV was bare, I recently hung this mirror and I really like the way it looks, but now the wall looks unfinished.  I would like to do some sort of a gallery wall, but I think it might be overkill since I already have one in the dining room.  I just can’t resist the cool, collected look of a gallery wall.  My other idea was to flank on either side matching sconces or artwork or something I’m not very sure yet.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Below are some inspiration images I’m really liking at the moment for this wall.





^^I think this works very well because of the use and contrast of big and small frames/artwork.







At first glance of this image, I thought the screen was a TV screen.  Any who, the mirror is very similar to the one in my living room.  I really like the way the fig trees flank either side of the mirror.  I’m really liking the idea of adding a tree of some sort, to add texture, warmth, and height to the space.

Designer Inside Look: Emily Henderson


Ever wondered how designers create a design plan?  Check out Emily’s amazing and very informative post.  She’s always so transparent about the work she does and is never shy about sharing sources and design tips of the trade.  That is why I love her blog and her work so much.  She continues to dominate the blog and interior design world with her always attainable and fresh designs.

She also wrote this amazing post detailing her early beginnings as a struggling artist/designer, her drive to be the best and how she got to where she’s at now.  As someone who has an interior design background, gave it up to go into a more “secure” career (nursing), and who is trying to keep my dreams alive, this post could not have come at a better time.  It’s always easier to put my ideas, dreams, and aspirations in the back burner and hum along this daily life.  Reading Emily’s words sparked that light inside me, gave me hope that one day I can also make a living being creative.  And because nobody says it better than Emily, these are her exact words:

I guess the point is that no matter what creative field you are in, you can succeed with some good old-fashioned passion and a lot of exposure. You don’t have to be born into it, you don’t have to have been surrounded by it your entire childhood, or even educated in it. You just need those two things. Passion without exposure equals what you see above – a random book of pictures that might lead somewhere but isn’t going to get you the job, and just exposure without real passion can make for a pretty lazy and therefore kinda lifeless creative existence.

I think there are a lot of us out there – the ones that aren’t born and raised in the industry and yet found ourselves here and successful. And when I was in my 20’s still figuring it all out, it was those stories that I clung to – the hope that my lack of exposure wasn’t going to be my demise. It wasn’t

-Emily Henderson

The Nursery Reveal


Pinks, gold, blush, and ruffles is what it’s all about.  You can say I may have gone over the top girly, yes maybe, but I’m happy with the result.  The gold dots are decals I purchased on Etsy, and I measured e v e r y single dot.  It was a time consuming project (the measuring part) to say the least but well worth the time spent.  The paint is Sherwin Williams, when I find the name of the paint I will surely update the post.  It was the “whitest” of the pinks on the color card.  The pom poms are from Vivian’s baby shower.  Sheer ruffle curtains allow light to filter in.  This room is quite dark throughout the day, so sheer curtains were a must.  All furniture is from Target, they have quite the selection online.  I’m very happy with the purchase.



The pillow is from Marshall’s.  Stuffed animals were gifted.

Disclaimer: I always remove all pillows and stuffed animals when Vivian is in the crib.  Also, now that Vivian is sleeping in her crib, I have removed the bumper.


The decal is a Target find.  My absolute favorite.  I framed this pretty wrapping paper from Paper Source, a great affordable way to add art to your walls. I’ve been doing this for years.




And no nursery is complete without a framed photo of baby’s feet (they were so small!).

The Nursery Inspiration

Vivian’s nursery is my favorite room in the house.  When deciding on a color scheme for her room I knew I wanted to add color of some sort, seeing as I tend to shy away from color in general throughout the rest of the house, especially on the walls.  One day while at Marshall’s, I came across these pretty gift tags and fell in love with their color and pattern.  So there you have it, the inspiration for Vivian’s nursery.  I also created a Pinterest board to store pretty images I found elsewhere.  Stay tuned for the nursery reveal soon.



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Sources: 1(my own), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Currently reading


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t own or buy a lot of design books. I get my daily fix of inspiration via blogs, like most people nowadays.  I’m a long time reader of Erin’s blog.  When I heard she was coming to Chicago for her book tour, I was excited and felt compelled to go and meet her.  This was way back in October, by the way.  A little late on the post…I know.  I took Vivian with me; both mother and daughter’s first book signing!  Had a great time chatting it up with Andrew, and Erin was super sweet and down to earth.  With the baby these days I haven’t had much time to sit and really dive into the book until recently.  It’s such a great read, literally like an extension of her blog.  Erin is very candid in how she explains the design process, she gives great advice based on experience and what’s worked best for her.  Andrew contributed to the foreword section of the book, and wrote some of the sweetest words about Erin and her journey to writing her first book.  And of course, Erin showcases her talent throughout the book with beautiful pictures from beginning to end.  I highly recommend the book to any design enthusiast.

DSC00001 DSC00014 DSC00017

One of my favorite parts of the book is the honest and invaluable advice Erin gives to bloggers.

DSC00022 DSC00030

Wallpaper, wallpaper, and more wallpaper!  This gives me the itch to put some wallpaper up in my own house.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Such a beautiful and inspirational office.  I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing huge inspiration walls such as the one pictured above.

Living room update

Just a quick post today to show you an updated view of the living room and how the white cabinet looks.  It sits right next to the foot of the sectional and is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.  I had mentioned before here, that the living room needed a furniture piece in the entrance way to sort of define the entry of the house.  This console does just that.  I accessorized it with items I had around the house, I don’t think I’m sold on the look just yet.  But for now it works.