Bicycle Shopping

So I mentioned yesterday that we went shopping for my birthday present which is a bicycle.  I think the last bicycle I bought was the one my parents bought me when I was still in high school…and it was from Wal-Mart.  Nothing against Wal-Mart, but they’re not known for carrying the best bikes in town.  That’s why I was uber excited when we checked out a few local bikes shops here in Naperville.

For those of you not familiar or have never been bicycle shopping there’s a lot of different types of bikes to choose from.  I was super confused when I first walked  into the store because I had no idea where to start looking or what I was looking for.   Luckily one of the bike experts at one of the shops helped me figure out what type of bike was best suited for my lifestyle and use.  Turns out the type of bike I need is a commuter/hybrid.  They’re perfect to ride around town in and you look cute doing so!  I picture myself going to the local fresh fruit markets on the weekends on this bike, that is, if I lived in Italy.  But since I live in the West suburbs of Chicago, I will have to settle for riding around Downtown Naperville on lazy Sunday afternoons.

First we went to Performance Bike but didn’t see anything like what I was looking for.  We then headed to Bicycles Etc. where I saw a few potentials.

The first is the Allant WSD from Trek.  Cute, nice big comfy seat, like the front rack to carry stuff on, like the fenders.

The other one that I liked is the Atwood WSD also from Trek.  Like the slimmer frame and that it sits taller, wish it had a rack to carry stuff.  Are the tires white?  Dunno about that.  (They didn’t have this one in the store, I saw it in the catalog.)

This bike is the Commuter 1 from Jamis, and is very similar to the one right above but it’s at a much lower price point at $390…much cheaper than $540, and the quality is pretty much the same.  This one does have fenders though..hmm, and I like fenders.

We’ll probably end up visiting a Trek store so I can sit on the Atwood and see if I like it more than the other two.  I will let you know how it all goes down and which bike I decide to take home with me!

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