We’re Moved In

and there are boxes and clutter everywhere.  We were lucky in that a bunch of family members helped us with the move and so the moving part was not as painful as I had expected.  We literally unloaded the moving truck in about 30 minutes.  However, we underestimated just how much smaller our new apartment really is compared to our old one.  We could hardly get walk around because of the boxes everywhere.  Nevertheless, I’m happy to be here and am excited to be back in the city.

Downsizing definitely has its pros, read ahead: get rid of junk. The biggest challenge with our new apartment is storage space.  I estimate we have about half the closet space than before.  We will most definitely go through our clothes and donate what we don’t wear any longer.  Also, we will have to get creative with storage solutions and make use of the vertical space.  I’m looking forward to it because I’m all about living with less.

Here is a glimpse of what the apartment looks like: warning….enter at your own risk…

A wall of boxes greets you at the door.

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