Closet Space Please

The biggest compromise we made when we decided to sign the lease on our new apartment was closet and storage space.  Our old apartment was already a small 760 sq.ft, so to downsize even more…we were hesitant at first.  But after looking at a few other lemons in surrounding neighborhoods we knew we had already found our  home.  What sold us on the apartment was the open floor plan, the fact that it’s a first floor apartment (to us it makes us feel like we’re living in a house opposed to an apartment), the window space, the exposed brick column, and the weathered wood floors.  Overall, the apartment had the character and charm we were after.

Now that we’ve settled and put away pretty much everything that we could possibly fit in a somewhat organized manner in the closets, we’re left with an array of items that are still looking for a home.  The hubby’s shoes, a good portion of his t-shirt collection, linens, blankets and winter covers, and misc. travel and gym bags.  As we hung our clothes in the closets we edited along the way, and I’m proud to say we managed to get rid of an overflowing 16″x16’x16″ box of clothes!  It will be going to Goodwill, and some hand-me downs to my sister.

Whew!  With that said, we are looking for an affordable storage unit that will go next to the entry “coat” (used for clothes and shoes) closet.  We are thinking the Ikea Pax closet/storage system might be just what we are looking for.  They have a nifty tool online we used to plan out our closet system, it was such a huge help!  However, we are still planning to make it out this weekend to see all the items in person and hopefully purchase them too!  I am anxious to get all of the stuff off the floor already.

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