The Plant That Keeps on Giving

The hubby and I recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and my mom gifted us a plant for the occasion.  She told us that “love and marriage are like a plant: you have to love and nurture it so it will grow.”  (How sweet is that?)

So now I need a plant stand to set the plant on.  She gave us the plant already on a planter, thankfully.

Here are a few I’ve been eyeing…

Great little modern table/plant stand.  I feel I would get a lot of use out of this one, not just for a plant stand.

I like the wooden structure of this one, but I would have to buy a whole new planter to match and fit the plant stand.  Not sure if I want to shell out the cash for all that.

Love, love, love this Retro Bullet.  Would look great in the little nook I’m thinking of putting it in.

Another great architectural option similar to the Retro Bullet above.

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