Welcome Home Micke!

The new desk is up and running.  We purchased it at Ikea (seen here) a few weeks ago but had not gotten around to blogging about it, so here it is!  It’s pretty straight forward, except that it has birch drawers.  How cool is that!  The contrast of the birch drawers and the white desk is pretty much what sold me on it.  I love how it adds dimension to the desk and is not just all white.  I also think it plays off of the other wood tones of the apartment.

The chairs are the same ones we brought from our old (first) apartment seen here.  They were salvaged from a project at my previous employer and I spiffed them up.  Did I mention they were royal blue?  Yup, they were.  And did I also mention they are original Fritz Hansen Series 7 chairs?  Yup they are.  And I got them for free(!).  We have 7 of them, so we use 4 for the dining table, 2 for the desk and 1 just wanders around the apartment.  It’s a nomad.

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