House Hunting

We’ve been looking for a house for 2 months now.  The whole experience has proven to be more stressful and challenging than we initially thought.  In the beginning we were all excited to go on showings, now we’re like “What? We gotta go see houses today?”  As the weeks have gone by and haven’t found anything we like, or we did and put an offer in but got outbid, I have listed the following key points er’ insecurities that have prevented us from making a decision:

1. We’re unsure about the neighborhood we want to live in.  Until recently, we were set on buying a house on the northside of Chicago.  The neighborhoods are a bit nicer, there are more restaurants and shops around and the neighborhoods are generally more walkable versus southern Chicago neighborhoods. However, we’ve kind of changed our mind about living on the northside because it will lengthen my husband’s commute to work and my commute to school by about 40-45 minutes more.  We currently live in Bridgeport (a neighborhood) and we’re 10 mins. away from work and school and we reeeealllly like that. So yeah.

2.  Living in Chicago there are many opportunities to buy 2-flat properties.  We really like this idea as the extra rental income will help with the mortgage payment.  However, in our price range we have mostly found crappy 2-flats that need a lot of work.  So we keep going back and forth with either single-family or 2 unit homes.

We put in an offer on a rare rehabbed 2-flat at a really low price, but we got outbid.  Frustrating does not sum up our feelings at the time.  On another house, we were going to take a second look at it this past Saturday to decide if we would put in an offer but it went under contract that same day.  Frustrated….yet again.  Lesson learned: be aggressive and make a decision pronto!!

Despite the economy being the way it is, we’ve seen that there are plenty of buyers out there and many homes are getting multiple offers.  Not at all what we expected when we started looking for a house.

I try to put things into perspective by telling myself that this is not our forever house, but our starter home.  It’s difficult at times to not be picky about every little thing we see.

But the saga continues….I shall keep you updated on our journey as we become homeowners.

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