Bathroom Tour

So it’s been a little over a year since we moved into our little apartment.  I finally took pictures of what it looks like.  Let’s first take a look at the bathroom.


The bathroom is very small but we’ve learned to work with it.  The only new thing I bought for this room is the blue patterned rug.  I got it at West Elm on clearance for $14 bucks.  Not bad since I think it adds interest and character to the bathroom.  Most everything else you see is re-used it from our old apartment and my old college apartment.


ImageI bought these baskets from Target to hold some of my stuff.  One holds my blow-dryer and curling irons, another basket is designated for my makeup bag, and one basket holds clean face and hand towels.  Not only does it look tidy and nice but helps keep everything organized.

ImageI also utilized baskets to organize his and hers bath and hair products.  The bottom basket serves as a mini linen “closet”.  It holds our clean and spare linens.  I love living in a small space because it forces you to only buy what you need.  I bought these baskets at IKEA.  I lied when I said I had only bought the rug, I bought these baskets to accommodate our need for additional storage.


I took a couple of old IKEA frames and cut out magazine pictures and framed them!  Super easy and inexpensive too!

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