Quirky Things About the Apartment

Every apartment has quirky things about them.  In my opinion, it’s those things that give the place character.  At our apartment, there are a few things that set it apart from other apartments that I’ve lived in and that I’ll always remember even after we move out.

The space between the toilet an the shower door.  Cramped.  So cramped that I have to sit sideways.  There is also no space for the waste bin, so if I’m not careful, I might just step right into it when pulling down my pants.

The step going into the bathroom.  The cause of many devastating toe stubs.

Itty Bitty step in the hallway.  Super annoying that I once considered adding a yellow strip on the edge of the step.

The mix and match trim styles and colors….oh, and the awesome paint job around the trim….

And last but not least, the multi-directional wood floor.

Believe it or not, all of these little idiosyncrasies have grown on me.  They must not be that obvious either because everyone that comes to visit mentions how cozy and inviting the apartment is.

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