Weekend Trip: Ikea!

Now that we’re buying a house, we’ve been anxious and excited about fixing up our (hopefully…crossing our fingers) future house to our liking.  One of the things that we will eventually renovate is the kitchen.  I’ve seen a few bloggers re-do theirs kitchens with Ikea cabinets (here).  At first I was skeptical about the quality etc.  But after driving out to Ikea this weekend and checking out the kitchens, I was pleasantly surprised.  Budget is definitely one of the driving forces so I think that the Ikea cabinets are a good potential contender.  I know that I want a white kitchen.  White-ish gray granite countertops would be nice, but might be a budget buster.  There’s also a lot of alternatives out there such as Corian and Quartz so we’re still debating on that.  But here are a few pictures of what we saw and liked…

This is the Ramsjo kitchen.  I love the glass cabinets above the sink, but not sure if they will work in the kitchen since there is limited upper cabinet space already.  Not a fan of the square tiles….they remind me of bathroom tiles.

Image    Image

This style of cabinetry was my favorite.  It’s their Lidingo collection.  I like how the doors have a little more detail than the Ramsjo style.  I’m also digging the slats on the glass cabinets.

You can also see that Ikea has jumped on the apron sink bandwagon.  I love them but I’m afraid they’re too trendy and will go out of “style” in a couple of years or so.


Here’s a snapshot of the granite countertop that I fell in love with, it was on the Lidingo kitchen.  This picture makes the colors in the granite look muddier than in real life.  In person it’s more grayish in color and not so pink.


So that’s a quick recap of our short trip to Ikea!

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