One Of My Favorite Blogs

Back when I worked behind a desk (this was about 5 years ago now), cranking out floor plans for a design firm here in Chicago, I remember the blog craze starting to pick up.  And occasionally, (ok, maybe more than I care to admit) I perused the blogosphere and daydreamed of how cool it would be to have one of these awesome-perfectly color coordinated-jealousy inducing blogs, and then I mentally decorated and re-decorated my apartment  studio (back then I lived in a dark,  fugly attic in a less than desirable area of the city) and future house.

One of the first blogs I ever came across with is Kevin &  It’s still one of my fave blogs to read.  I’ll admit, what sold me on the blog were the free downloadable fonts, I must have downloaded like 20 of them!  Amanda’s photography skills are amazing,  and if I could ever become remotely close to being half the photographer that she is, well then I would consider myself to be pretty darn good with a camera.

Here are a few images from her blog:

Of course I had to include a few photographs of my beloved Chicago

I love the colors of  light reflecting against the still water

A rather picturesque cottage from Amanda’s recent trip to Sweden

My eye is drawn to the rich color of the fire-engine red boat houses, also from her trip to Sweden

As you scroll through her blog, you’ll notice Amanda has a penchant for sunset photography.  She captures the most beautiful images and the rich colors of the changing sky

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