Lamps, Lamps, Lamps

Where do I go for a leisurely afternoon stroll you ask?  Homegoods, of course.  An afternoon of window shopping at the store is my idea of a good time.  I’m lucky in that there’s a store near where we are currently staying.

They have one of the best selections of sensibly priced yet elegant and pretty lamps.  I stopped in the store last week and snapped pics of a few I thought were worthy of taking home.


Mustard yellow is hot for the fall season, as evidenced by the slew of mustard yellow and chartreuse gowns we saw at the Emmy’s this past weekend.  This lamp is a simple and easy way to bring in color to any room.


A very chic and sophisticated lamp.  I can see this lamp going in a living room at the end of a console table.


This one looked more plum-colored in person, another hot color for fall.


This lamp was one of my faves.  I love the laser cut base and that you can mix and match any metal with this to incorporate a layered look to a bedroom or living room.  I see this lamp and think downtown chic.


Can you tell I have an affinity for round lamp bases?  What drew me to this lamp was the beautiful texture of the base, and the versatile element of it.

There you have it!  A quick inspiration post, that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

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