Nate Berkus In The House

It seems the ladies at Nate Berkus Associates have been making the social media rounds lately.  And I love it.  They are such an inspiration to me and was excited to read about their journey that led them to be the design directors of Nate Berkus’ design studio.  So when Architectural Digest featured Nate Berkus’ renovation of his Manhattan apartment I had to share it with you all.


Nate is a genius when it comes to incorporating different textures in a room, and mixing old and new pieces to create a harmonious space.  I love how the matching chairs tie together an otherwise eclectic room.


I am a huge fan of earthy and neutral tones; something I find consistent in Nate’s work.  So when I saw this image of his apartment I was anything but surprised.  I love the striped rug and the bamboo lattice-back dining chairs.


Love, love, love this chain-link rug and the delicate legs on the side table.  Gorgeous.


The tile of the moment: subway tile.  It’s so simple, yet elegant and versatile.  I hope to incorporate it in our new house (that we haven’t found yet…sigh) in either the bathroom or kitchen.  And what about the amazing styling of the room?  Hello, beautiful vase and greenery.  Nate actually kept the existing cabinets and painted them a glossy black and added new hardware.  Kuddos on being environmentally friendly.

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