Backyard Update

The backyard is looking a little different these days compared to this.  First of all, I ripped out all of the shrubs and miscellaneous greenery that was growing haphazardly.  This alone took me about a week….gardening is hard work.  Who knew?  After the bed was cleared, I added some curves to the gardening bed because the rectangle bed was too rigid looking.  This step took me another week to complete.  Maybe I’m just a slow gardener?


I also went to home depot and bought a couple of hanging plant hooks and pretty planters to adorn the back entrance (which we primarily use because we park the car in the garage) and another planter to adorn the garage entrance.

IMG_5912 IMG_5913 IMG_5919I also painted the garage window frames because they were an eye-sore due to the chipping paint.  The windows need replacing, but a quick fix until then, was to add a quick coat of paint.  The left window is painted and the right one is what it looked like before I added a quick coat of paint.

IMG_5908Lastly, look what sprung along the side of our building. An abundance of lush Hosta plants.




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