3 Things I Have Learned About Being a Homeowner

Sure, it’s nice to be a homeowner (and a landlord, since we bought a 2 unit house and have tenants living upstairs)  but there are things I didn’t know about being a homeowner and updating a home that I wish I knew or had read about but chose to ignore at the time (see #2).

1.  Say goodbye to your leisurely weekends.

We used to ask ourselves “what should we do this weekend?”  As renters, our weekends typically involved a combination of sleeping in, eating out, and leisure bike rides around town.  Now, we struggle to keep up with the yard (that lawn grows quicker than you think) and those pesky weeds that are the vain of my existence.  Oh, and if you have a dog, forget about your garden.  It’s a constant battle between Elvis and I and keeping the garden in a somewhat pleasant to look at state.  Long story short: there is always. something. to. do.

2. Every project takes three times longer to complete and costs three times more than you had budgeted for.

I’m currently working on painting the cruddy old radiators.  A project that I originally estimated would take 2 days tops has NOT taken said amount of time.  I’m at day 3 and so far I have only 1 radiator painted and 4 to go.  It doesn’t help that the living room radiator is possibly the longest radiator known to man, it’s like 12 feet long.  And no, that is not an exaggeration.

3. Furniture is expensive.

Unless you want to live in a living room that looks like it was pulled out of an IKEA catalog or a house clad in rainbow colored furniture that you snagged for $20 at your local Goodwill, you will be living without a real people; grown-up; not embarrassed to serve people food on dining room table for a while (we’ve been without a dining table for 5 months now).  Until then, we will keep saving our pennies.

I hope this does not discourage anyone to become a homeowner.  These are just things I have been constantly thinking about since we bought the house and I thought I would share with you.  Despite these gripes, overall, owning our home and fixing it as we go has been a sweetly rewarding experience.

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