Shiny New Sconces

I’m super excited to finally show you the wall sconces that we purchased for the living and dining room.  I searched high and low for a fixture that was within our budget but that was still handsome looking.  I ended up going with these guys from this Chicagoland area lighting store.  Their stores are a beauty to walk through. I can easily spend hours and hours gazing at the pretty light fixtures.

Slowly but surely our little home is coming together.  I have also made other updates and changes to the living room as well, which I will be sharing soon.  Hang tight.

This is what the living room looked like before the light fixtures went in.


And this is what it looks like now:



As you can see from the old photo above, this was when we first moved into the house and the dining room was still cluttered with stuff that needed to be unpacked and put away.

And this is what the dining room looks like now.  So clean and crisp and with pretty artwork on the wall.  Can you spot the Elvis photobomb?Image

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