Life According to Elvis

Elvis has grown up.  Well, let me back up a second…he looks like a full grown Labrador but he is still a puppy at a mere 6 months old.  His chewing tendencies are the bane of my existence.  He’s chewing on pretty much anything he gets his paws on.  I buy him plenty of toys but the problem is that he becomes anxious when he is home alone and that’s when he damages things such as the legs of our kitchen table, corners of walls, and even the wood trim!!

Sooo frustrating.  

All frustrations aside, take a minute to look at how cute he is.  🙂

ImageImageThis was a camping trip to Wisconsin we went on for the Fourth of July.  And that handsome boy would be my hubby.ImageThis is Elvis when he was maybe two months old, looking very serious.  I just want to hold him and squeeze him soo soo tight!!  And that yellow grass in the background…yeah, we didn’t think it would ever come back to life.  Thankfully it did, and  now we have lush beautiful green grass.  Except for a few pee spots, courtesy of Elvis himself.



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