To Paint or Not To Paint?

Seems the topic of discussion these days is whether we should paint the wood trim in the house.  The previous owners started the job, it seems.  They painted the crown molding and stopped there, as you can see below (yes, our TV is still on the floor six months later, but more on that later).  The trim at some point was stained the cherry/wine color that it is today, therefore, it’s not in its original state by any means.  It looks ok for the most part, but in some areas if you get up close you will notice that the stain is bubbly or cracking, if you will.


The original woodwork in the house is one of the details that initially drew me towards this house, back when we were shopping for a house.  So to paint over it, well, it makes me feel guilty I guess.  If we do paint the trim white, we would stain the doors an ebony color.  Another option would be to stain all of the woodwork a dark ebony color.  Judging by my Pinterest, I am obviously attracted to the look of dark wood floors and crisp white trim.  Here’s what I have an mind…


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