The Pantry

There are so many projects to tackle around the house it’s difficult to choose where to start.  Finally, I decided we tackle the pantry and tear out the old shelves and built in cabinet.  So one night, I put my brand new crowbar to good use and started the demo process.

IMG_6282 IMG_6284

The removal of the old cabinetry revealed a dark hardwood floor underneath…..and missing base boards.  The dark hardwood floor means we will have to refinish the entire kitchen which we’re ok with since the kitchen floors are pretty beat up anyway and will benefit from a nice buff and shine.  And we’ll be replacing the missing base boards too.  I also took a washcloth and soap and scrubbed the heck out of the nasty wall.

IMG_6288 IMG_6287We have to finish speckling the walls, sand, and paint and we’ll be a few steps closer to hanging the pantry shelves.

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