The Kitchen Pantry Finished (well, almost)

Last week I talked about us deciding to renovate the pantry.  I’m happy to say we have finished the pantry (for the most part).  It was definitely more work than we initially expected.  We had to spackle and sand twice, roll on two coats of paint and finally, hang the shelves.  I did all of the measuring and configuring of the shelves, and the hubby installed it all.

IMG_6333 IMG_6333 IMG_6334We still need to sand and re-finish the floors so they match and we don’t have a patch of dark wood floor in the pantry.  We are going to keep the golden wood stain in the floors.  We also need to patch up the missing base board where the built-in cabinet once was.

When you walk in the pantry immediately to the left, I left a space to house a recycling bin.  Trying to do my part in becoming a green(er) household.  The space next to the drawers will house the dog food dispenser bin and an extra 5 gallon water jug.  We have a water dispenser and always have an extra 5 gallon water jug on hand as a refill.

I also plan on organizing the pantry a bit by adding baskets to house some of the loose items such as open bags of rice, grains, and baking supplies.


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