Let’s Art About It

I was sooo excited today when I checked my mailbox and saw that my package had arrived!  I’ve been on an Etsy shopping binge lately.  But I have no buyers remorse whatsoever because I love supporting small businesses as well as independent artists.  I learned of Clare Elsaesser through Dana when she also posted about her pretty new artwork.  I have a bunch of picture frames I have to fill and I really liked Clare’s work so I bought a couple pieces or artwork.

When I opened the packaged I was delightfully surprised to find my artwork in such a simple, yet pretty wrapped packaged.  I especially liked the name tag with my handwritten name on it.  Oh, and her business card is a piece of artwork in it of itself.


IMG_6462This is Island, which now resides in the office.  I popped it in a cheap Target frame I spray painted gold with my new favorite gold spray paint.



Watching Trees is now watching me sleep, ha!  I haven’t posted about the updates in the bedroom either, so you’re getting a little glimpse of what it looks like now.

IMG_6477 IMG_6471 IMG_6468


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