The Bathroom

Big news around here.  I painted the bathroom!  I had a 4 day stretch of days off at work and decided out of the blue that the bathroom needed to be painted.  Well, actually, the driving force behind my quick decision to paint was that I was planning to throw my hubby a birthday party for his 30th (the party has since passed, it was last week).  Nothing like an impending boom deadline to light a fire under your ass to get things done around the house.

I was fed up with the terrible paint job and color in the bathroom, as well as the hideous “trim” and stripes that went all around the bathroom.


I started by removing the wood trim, and then spackled and sanded for a smooth finish.




I almost forgot to get a before picture without the trim!  As you can see in this picture, I had just started to paint when I ran to grab my camera.

Just to give you an idea of how bad the paint job was in here, I snapped a detail shot of the edge of the paint where the darker beige paint ended and the lighter color started.  Picture me sitting on the toilet and starring at this annoyance every. single. time.  They literally ended the paint with a roller, no tape….nothing! 



I will be sharing “after” pictures soon.  We’ve had nothing but gray, gray days around here.  And as you can see, my picture taking skills are below average as it is, so I need all the sunlight I can get.  🙂


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