Work Around The House

We’ve been doing some necessary work around the house as of late.  It all started with the living room ceiling.  We were eager to tear down the bubbling and cracked plaster.  I made sure to take some pictures of it before it all came crashing (literally) down.  We kept going back and forth on wether we wanted to just nail and drill drywall on top of the plaster or completely tear down the plaster and install all new drywall.  I had googled “how to tear down plaster ceiling” countless times and every time, I read comments about how it was possibly the worst idea ever (referring to the massive amounts of dust and debris).  Ultimately, we decided to undertake the later and hope for the best.

We began by covering the floor and walls with plastic and also laid down cardboard on the floor to limit dings to the floor caused by the plaster.  We are lucky to have such hardworking and generous family who came out to help with the labor of ripping out the ceiling and nailing the new drywall.  We also took advantage of the exposed ceiling and hired out an electrician to come in and install six recessed canned lights, which turned out fabulous and are my favorite part of the whole renovation.

Here are some snapshots of what the ceiling looked like and some work in progress shots.



IMG_6400Here are the guys hard at work tearing down the plaster ceiling.

IMG_6403 IMG_6404 IMG_6405

And THIS! This is what the rest of the house looked like for like a week.  Don’t let the plastic “barrier” fool ya.  It did control dust from getting everywhere but it sure as heck did not stop it completely.

IMG_6406Stay tuned for pictures of the living room ceiling once the drywall was installed!


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