New Kitchen Table

I recently scored the coolest teak mid-century kitchen table at an estate sale.  I had been on the hunt for one for what seemed forever.  Our previous table was an Ikea purchase and we were ready to upgrade.  The other reason we were due for a new one was that our chew-happy dog, Elvis, completely tore up the table.  The table legs looked like a beaver took residence and went to town with it.  The table looked horrendous.

The table had to seat 4 and I knew I wanted it to be round.  Our old Ikea one was square and I wanted a change.  Also, I felt a round table would create more movement within our boxy kitchen.

I saw the ad for the estate sale which included a picture of the table on it.  I went twice to look at it before taking the hubby to see it before deciding to bring it home with us.  Yes, I’m indecisive, but I’m so glad I decided to go with my gut.  The mid-century chairs are my favorite element of the little set.  It’s just what I was looking for.  And the table itself has a gorgeous inlay design.


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