DIY Art for the Bedroom

I have a bunch of frames around the house that still need artwork/photographs to fill them.  Inspired by Made by Girl’s black dots artwork, I decided to give it a shot and come up with my own version of the abstract black dots piece.  I had a bottle of black acrylic paint already on hand, as well as paint brushes and a pad of watercolor paper.  The watercolor paper has a nice thick weight to it which I thought would work very well.

All I did was splatter black paint on the paper and took my brush to spread around some of the thicker blobs of paint.  Not very scientific but it worked and I love how it turned out.



I ended up switching out the previous artwork (a Clare Elsaesser print) that was in this frame because first of all, the print was a 5×7 and the frame holds an 8×10 so it looked weird.  Second of all, I didn’t like how the colors of the print worked with the serene color scheme of the bedroom.

Remember this?



So happy how it turned out.

And that Clare Elsaesser print?  It now resides here, in the office.  I looks soooo much better, especially with the dark wood frame.  It brings out the colors in the print beautifully.








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