2nd Unit

If you’re unfamiliar with our house, you might not know that we own a two-flat.  We live on the first floor and rent out the upstairs.  The layout of the two unit’s is identical.  However, the upstairs unit has carpet in the entire apartment except for the kitchen and bathroom.  I’m guessing they previous owners installed the carpet to minimize noise form footsteps coming from the upstairs unit.  I pulled up a corner of the carpet and was excited to see beautiful gleaming hardwood floors underneath!

I think we’ll keep the carpet for now for the same reasons, and especially because I work the night shift.  So anything we can do to lessen  noise coming from upstairs is very much appreciated.

The tenants moved out the first week of January.  They were living there when we purchased the house last year, so really, we haven’t done any improvements to the space.  We’re currently busy painting the entire apartment, which has proved to be a slow-going process considering we both work and can only work upstairs on the weekends and some weeknights.  I also want to upgrade the light fixtures in all the rooms.  Currently, it’s a hodgepodge of dated and ugly lighting fixtures.  We are also replacing the switch plates for a uniform and clean look.  A small detail that really goes a long way.  We’ll also be updating the bathroom a bit and if the budget allows, we’d like to replace the kitchen cabinets because the ones that are currently there are ghetto!

I’ll try and post pictures soon!

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