House Floor plan

Just the other day I realized I never really posted a proper floor plan of our house.  Our house is a two unit, as you may already know, and both units have identical floor plans.  I quickly drew up a sketch that’s not to scale but fairly accurate in terms of the size proportions of all the rooms.

There are two entrances to our house.  We mainly use the rear entrance because the garage is located at the back of the house.  Bedroom #1 is what you would call the master bedroom.  There is nothing master about it just that we sleep there.  Our bedroom is just slightly larger than bedroom #2, which we currently use as the guest bedroom.  Bedroom #3 is our office and is the room with the best light in the house.  At all hours of the day this room is super bright from all the natural light that filters in.  How I wish our bedroom had this beautiful light shining in all day.

Our kitchen is a decent size for being such an old house (built in the 1920’s).  And probably the best thing about

it is the walk-in pantry!  Everyone who comes to visit raves about our huge pantry which we recently re-did.


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