Living Room Update

The living room has come a long way.  But there’s still a lot of work to be done.  First, let me take you back to where we started.

IMG_5707After almost a year of living in our house, we have transformed the living room into a much more pleasant room to hang out in.  We painted the walls, ceiling, and crown molding.  The walls are my favorite color ever; BM Edgecomb Gray.  Friends compliment on it all the time.  I donated the old pillows and replaced them with pretty new ones from Homegoods.  Installed a pair of beautiful wall sconces.  The difference they make in the room lighting at night is worth the investment.  Found a pretty coffee table at  This was a last minute purchase before hosting my husband’s 30th birthday party last November.  I added accessories to the coffee table, but that’s still a work in progress.


This pretty blue chair is my favorite seat in the house.  It’s from IKEA and I think it’s fabulous.  It definitely makes the room.  The side table was another Homegoods find, also known as my favorite store ever.


Remember this?

IMG_5115This wall is obviously nowhere near done, but it has come a long way from the overly yellow walls that once were when we moved in.  I’m thinking about adding a console table to the left of the sofa or maybe a tall bookcase?  Not sure yet.  The wheels are still churning on that, but when I find the right piece I’ll be sure to update on that.  I’m thinking two large artwork pieces for this wall?  I already have a artwork gallery wall in the adjacent dining room.  I think another gallery wall will be overkill.  This is a huge wall, so whatever I put up there needs to have a huge impact.  Like boom!  I feel a tear coming on looking at this picture and the last Elvis photobomb (Sigh).

I’m also on the hunt for the perfect rug.  I bought this one from Crate and Barrel but it got dirty so quick I pulled it up after about two months.  The rug is now sitting in our basement waiting for the perfect spot, I’m thinking a less traffic area such as our bedroom.  But we’ll see.ImageImage

I’m thinking another chair to go next to the blue one to fill up all the empty space.  This living room is huge!Image

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