Gardening Fail

Last week I picked up a couple of herb plants from my local grocery store.  I had no plans to do so, but I went to the store to pick up a bunch of cilantro and came across these pretty potted herbs.  I thought to myself, “I can save myself future trips to the store if I just grow my own herbs at home.”  So I picked up a cilantro pot and a pot of parsley, two herbs I frequently use.

A week later….this is what they look like.  FAIL.  I have a hunch they need a ton more sunlight than what comes in through the kitchen window.  I’ve been watering them daily like the instructions indicate to do so.  So frustrating.  The really sad looking one on the left is the cilantro plant.  The parsley looks like it might make it.  I also think the stems are a little long which makes it more difficult for the stems to remain perky.


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