2nd Unit Renovations

We are up to our eyeballs with work on the upstairs unit.  We’ve spent the last few weekends working up there, and when I’m not working I usually go up there to get some work done during the week.  We’re hurrying up to finish the apartment by the end of April because we have a family interested in renting it (eek!).  They’re actually coming over tomorrow to take a look at it.  I warned them it’s not finished and still a work in progress.  They don’t seem to mind.

I took “before” pictures of the apartment but never posted them on the blog.  The layout upstairs is identical as our first floor unit.  The only big difference is that there is carpet in the living, dining, and 3 bedrooms upstairs; whereas our unit has hardwood floors throughout.  We contemplated tearing out the carpet upstairs but ultimately decided to leave it for acoustic purposes.  Carpet decreases the noise heard from people walking upstairs, and this is especially important since I work nights and need to sleep during the day.

I’ll quit my rambling and show you what the upstairs looked like….

The living room, complete with a built-in faux fireplace which we are keeping for charm purposes.ImageImage

The dining room and a sad looking chandelier 😦ImageImage

A very vintage bathroom.  I absolutely love the floor in this bathroom, and it’s in great condition too.  We kept all of the tile in the bathroom and only replaced the sink, vanity, and mirror.  The hubby also drywalled the upper half of the walls because the plaster was cracking, peeling, and in simply terrible shape.  So it was just easier to put sheets of drywall over the plaster.  I will show you updated pictures of what the bathroom looks like now.  🙂ImageImageImage

And last but not least, the saddest kitchen and pantry you will ever see…

We easily decided that in order to make the apartment more desirable we needed to replace the kitchen cabinets all-together.  And we did!  And they’re up now!  I’m most excited about this room in the whole apartment because it makes a world of a difference with the new cabinets in. Just need to measure for the countertop to place the order and then have it installed.

Image  ImageImage



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