The Living Room

The living room is my favorite room in the house.  It gets the most light than any other room, it’s spacious, and it just makes me feel good being in there.  I finally shelled out the money and purchased the rug I’ve been wanting forever.  I’m so glad I did because it adds a whole other dimension and texture to the room and it really warms it up too.  For the price, it’s an excellent rug that feels great on your feet and sheds minimally.  The navy blue wingback chair is from IKEA and it’s been the best IKEA purchase to date.



^^I’m still looking for a great indoor plant to fill the empty corner by the windows, but I can’t seem to keep them alive.  More on that later.  I would love a fiddle leaf fig tree, but I’m nervous I’m going to kill it.  What to do, what to do…^^


There is also this big ol’ wall I don’t know what to do with.  Just last week I hung that landscape canvas print I bought at Homegoods.  It’s shifted to the right because I want to add a console table to the left of the sofa and some sort of quirky mirror or artwork above the console table.  I really dislike the view of the living room when you first walk in from the entrance door.  I think by adding the table it will designate an “entry” space, if you will, and will hopefully look less awkward and not like you’re walking right into the sofa.



^^This wall is also a work in progress., but for now, it’s in the back burner.  All throw pillows are from Homegoods.  The coffee table is from Hayneedle. ^^



The view from the sofa (obviously).  I am also in search of an organization system for all the TV cables.  The basket is perfect for storing blankets.  I eventually would like to create a gallery wall around the TV to fill the empty space.

And because everyone likes to see a “before” picture, here ya’ go..

IMG_5115IMG_5116IMG_5114It’s soooo yellow!!  Things are-a-changing, slowly but surely. 🙂

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