Falling for Fall

Here in Chicago, we had a dramatic drop in temps in the last couple days (it’s been in the 50’s).  Feeling the crisp cool air brings back many beautiful memories of when I was a teenager and of my college years.  Being from the Midwest, it’s easy to say that Summer is our favorite season because we endure such brutal and nasty Winters.  However, I have come to realize that Fall may be my favorite season after all.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some warm sunny days, but I feel as though the Summer season ends up being super busy because there are festivals, parties, etc. to attend to every weekend from June through August.  What’s worse is that we usually have more than one commitment on the same day, so we are torn between which to go to.  Sometimes we end up going to both or even three (!) parties in one day and it’s just plain exhausting!!  On the other hand, if you have made no plans you feel like some sort of anti social loser and you just wasted a precious Summer weekend doing nothing.

So when Fall comes, it’s almost like we can finally relax.  Plus, who doesn’t love boot and sweater weather?!  I’m looking forward to spending some time indoors cuddling with Vivian, catching up on shows, and baking, baking, and some more baking!  I have a pile of recipes I want to try and experiment with.

This is my last weekend on maternity leave before I have to return to work (booooo).  I”m excited to have some adult interaction and conversations, but sad to leave my little girl.  Thank goodness for nurse schedules….three 12 hour shifts never sounded better.  Here’s my little Vivian just the other day…


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