The Entryway

I finally got around to hanging pretty and personal artwork in the living room.  It’s actually a page out of one of my sketchbooks from undergrad school.  If I remember correctly it was for my art history class?? Not sure about that one.

I am really enjoying this little corner in the living room and how it turned out.  For the longest time there was this awkward space at the foot of the sectional.  I especially hated the view of the living room when you walked in thru the front door, it was like you were walking straight into the sectional.  This little set up gives the entrance a presence, almost like a make-shift foyer.

IMG_2393 IMG_2396

IMG_2398 IMG_2399

The storage cabinet is from Target from their Threshold line (It’s currently 15% off).  I bought mine during a similar sale and used my Target card and got an additional 5% off and free shipping.  The drawers currently store books, photo albums, and showcase some knick knacks.  The stone face statue, frames, and flowers are all from Homegoods (my favorite store).

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