A Documentary Worth Your Time

As a new mom, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine of washing the dishes, going to the gym, loading the washer and (3 hours later) unloading it and throwing the clothes in the dryer….you get the idea.  Doing this day in and day out is so uninspiring, to say the least.  I rarely take time to do the things that I enjoy because housework and the baby usually take precedence.  So today I decided to turn to Netflix (during one of the baby’s bottle feeds) and watch a documentary.  I had no idea what I wanted to watch so I literally just picked one based on its cover.  I chose Living on One Dollar.

This film did not disappoint.  I would say it was the best documentary I have ever seen, it’s that good  The film is about a group of four guys that head to Guatemala and live on one dollar a day for eight weeks, in an effort to experience what it’s really like to live in extreme poverty.  So inspiring, emotional, and eye-opening on all levels.

But back to what I was talking about, I felt so giddy inside as the movie was about to start.  I realized, at that moment, how important it is to step away from the daily house chores or whatever it is that you do everyday and let yourself enjoy a film, book, TV show, etc.  One of the biggest changes I felt when I became a mom was the feeling of being disconnected with the outside world and current events in general.  Watching this documentary opened my eyes about what millions of people living in extreme poverty struggle with everyday and made me realize how fortunate I really am.

So now I feel like I learned something new and in turn have something substantial to talk about next time I get together with friends, because as much as your friends love your child they don’t want to hear about her 24/7.  🙂

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