The Backyard

Three summers into this house (already?! how is that possible?) and the backyard is still nowhere near what I envision it to be.  We have definitely made progress but I still feel like there’s a lot to be done.  Vivian’s first birthday is next month and we decided to have her party in our backyard.  Nothing like a deadline to light a fire under your ass and cross things of the ol’ to-do list.  To recap, here’s what the garden and backyard looked like when we first moved in.

IMG_5589  IMG_5594

Pretty sad looking, yellow grass.  Speaking of the grass, I have no idea what kind of grass this is, but it takes FOREVER to turn green in the spring.  I’m thinking next year we will lay down some new sod.

So the first thing we did was change the shape of the garden bed.  Everything was feeling too boxy, and I wanted more fluidity so we added some curves.

IMG_5907 IMG_5905

I also painted the window frames, same color except no more chipping paint (we painted both windows, btw)!  We also cleaned up the bed and just kept those two plants in the center.  I am no gardening goddess, far from it actually.  Therefore, when choosing plants to fill the garden bed, low maintenance was on top of the list.  Hostas already line the alley between our house and that of our neighbors and they are beautiful.  The easiest would be to continue with the  hostas and call it a day.  I also want to add a garden border, I’m thinking brick border.


The hostas in full bloom along the alley between our house and the neighbors.

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