Curvy Brick Border

Progress is being made in the backyard.  You can read more about where we started here.  At the end of last summer, we installed a vinyl fence in the backyard which you can see in the picture below.  I love the privacy that it provides.  So much better.

Chicago weather was on our side last weekend, so we took full advantage and tackled a couple of projects in the backyard.

The previous owners had installed a faux brick border around the edge of the garden bed.  We pulled that out and added a real brick border to the garden bed.  This ended up being an entire day’s worth of work, but it’s one of those projects that make you smile when you’re done because you feel like you accomplished something. A great feeling indeed.  Backyard


I also pulled up the flower bulbs that run next to the brick wall and moved them to the other garden bed.  The flowers never flourished there, so we’ll see how they like their new home.  To fill up the newly empty space, I picked up 5 baby size boxwood bushes at Home Depot in hopes that they will provide a fullness and depth this garden bed is missing.  It will be at least 2 years until we can see the results and fullness of the bushes.  With gardening you learn to be patient, among many other things.  Can you spot my little helper?


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