The Design Choice I Regret Making

We are all guilty of following design trends and incorporating them into our home decor.  Last year, I bought a rug for the living room that I now regret purchasing because it just didn’t work with our lifestyle.  The Moroccan shag rug was all the rage 2+ years ago.  Being a lover of neutrals/white/grays in home decor, I jumped on board with said trend.  To date, I still love this rug very much.  After much debate, (and by “much”, I mean 5-6 months of going back and forth whether I should get a white/cream colored rug) I pulled the trigger and bought this rug.  Fast forward 10 months later and the rug is now rolled up and in the basement.  The rug got soo dirty and gross in no time.  See, my family is not take your-shoes-off-at-the-door type of people.  And so, I literally would cringe at the sight of company walking with shoes on all over my pretty white rug.  I’m not the confrontational type so I never had the guts to tell company to take their shoes off at the door.

I researched rug cleaning companies and found that it cost more to clean the rug than what I actually paid for the rug, so that idea went out the window.  We ended up putting the rug away before Vivian’s party because it was just way too dingy and dirty looking.  So now our living room is without a rug.  With Vivian crawling and starting to walk I feel she needs a softer surface to play and roll around in (we have wood floors throughout).


Image via

This could be us….^^



Instead, this is us….^^

The image doesn’t show the dirt very well (in most cases, that’s a good thing) but you get the idea.

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