Bathroom–It’s Time for a Change

Shortly after moving into our house two years ago, we updated the bathroom.  Just enough so it felt like “us”.  All we did was apply a fresh coat of paint and removed the awful chair rail.  At the time, we were busy updating more pressing items such as new electrical wiring throughout, new recessed lighting in the living room and kitchen, and how can I forget the holy grail of all messes.  Well, two years later I’m ready for a new bathroom.  This time we’re going all the way.



I want to come up with a closed storage solution to replace our current clutter-of-a-mess storage.  This will prove to be tricky since the radiator is underneath.  We’ll see what I come up with.  In the meantime, any suggestions or ideas?



I’d like to lay down new flooring, new shower tile, and install a new sink/vanity, and new fixtures throughout.  We’ll be keeping the tub and toilet to save money.  I’m excited for the planning stage, not so excited about the mess that is to come.

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