Links to Love

ROYAL_ROULOTTE_RENOVATION_DECORATION_FONTAINEBLEAU_ENTREE_47Mondays, either you love or hate them.  I, personally, have a good relationship with Mondays.  It’s the start of a new week, one that is full of opportunities.  A productive Monday sets the tone for a productive week.  Here’s to a productive Monday, and hopefully a successful week ahead.  I leave you with a few links I enjoyed reading.

  • The image above is what Parisian dreams are made of, beautiful juxtaposition of old and new.
  • I have never purchased or owned a vintage rug, but when I’m ready to shop for that one-of-a-kind rug I’ll use this as my guide.
  • Have been following this renovation since the beginning, so happy to see the final reveal.
  • Love everything about this kitchen remodel, notably the wrap around kitchen counter and back splash.
  • With the bath renovation on my mind lately, here’s yet another gorgeous before and after I came across.  This time by the talented photographer Heather Kinkel.  Seeing the gorgeous bathroom had me going back and forth between marble hexagon tile vs black and white hex tile.
  • Long vs shortboard, see where these artists stand.

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