New Look, Same Chairs

Our dining chairs were overdue for getting reupholstered.  The seat cushions had become dingy, dirty and were now covered in stains.  A trifecta of  embarrassment when company came over.  I shopped around for a local upholsterer who was reasonable in price and does good work.  I ended up going with this local guy, who happens to be very close to my house.  I dropped off the chairs on a Wednesday and they were ready by Friday.

I knew I wanted the new fabric to be darker in color to mask dirt and future stains.  Navy blue is one of my favorite colors, and it looks sooo good paired with the wood tone of the chairs.  You all know I’m a huge Emily Henderson fan, and navy blue; I think we can safely say, is her trademark color.  Her house was recently featured in Good Housekeeping, and when I saw the dining chairs I knew navy blue would be the perfect color fabric for our dining chairs.  I searched for fabrics at my local JoAnn fabric store but found nothing and what I did like was Robert Allen and out of my price range.  I ended up Googling “fabric stores in Chicago” and found this huge fabric warehouse in the Pilsen neighborhood.  This place is a hidden gem!  They have pretty much anything you can think of from tassels, to rhinestone trim, to pink and purple silk taffeta.  I left happy and with two yards of fabric.

These are the chairs prior to getting a little “facelift.”  This picture was taken soon after I purchased the dining set at an estate sale, which is why the seats are still pristine.  I’ll share the “after” pics soon.

But first, some inspiration images…
20769c66990a81f77c9fafc57f3ad2a0images via: 1, 2

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