Rug in the Living Room

So, I recently posted about the biggest design mistakes I have made, specifically the living room rug.  I regret purchasing the white shag rug even though deep down inside I knew it wouldn’t last long.  Dana from House Tweaking recently blogged about her white shag rug and how she ruined it.  When I read her post I no longer felt as guilty about my dirty and dingy rug.  However, I am glad I didn’t try to salvage it by attempting to clean it.  That sounded like an awful lot of work.

We’ve been without a living room rug for about 6 months now, and while it’s nice cleaning wise; just have to give the living room floor a quick sweep, I miss the coziness of a rug in that room.  Also, Vivian needs something softer to play and roll around in.   With that said, I’m in the market for a new rug.  Requirements are: 1. family friendly and 2. budget friendly.


Images: 1.//2.//3.//4.//5.//6.

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