Quirky Things About the Apartment

Every apartment has quirky things about them.  In my opinion, it’s those things that give the place character.  At our apartment, there are a few things that set it apart from other apartments that I’ve lived in and that I’ll always remember even after we move out.

The space between the toilet an the shower door.  Cramped.  So cramped that I have to sit sideways.  There is also no space for the waste bin, so if I’m not careful, I might just step right into it when pulling down my pants.

The step going into the bathroom.  The cause of many devastating toe stubs.

Itty Bitty step in the hallway.  Super annoying that I once considered adding a yellow strip on the edge of the step.

The mix and match trim styles and colors….oh, and the awesome paint job around the trim….

And last but not least, the multi-directional wood floor.

Believe it or not, all of these little idiosyncrasies have grown on me.  They must not be that obvious either because everyone that comes to visit mentions how cozy and inviting the apartment is.

Apartment Entryway

There are many things I love about this apartment, the brick column, the large windows in the living room, the cozy kitchen, but by far my favorite element is the entryway.  Friends who visit always comment on how unique and beautiful the door is.  There’s two steps coming down as you enter the apartment.  With time, I have grown to accept the steps.  At first I was super annoyed by them, but now I think they make the entryway look somewhat stately and elegant.

Tour Of The Living Room

I got around to photographing the living room as it looks like now.  The way you see it is the way I arranged the furniture since we moved in.  We are set to move out of the apartment mid-August, since our lease is up and we’re in the process of buying a house and wanted to snap pictures of it before we start packing.  The landlord was awesome and allowed us to stay here until mid-August.  Our lease originally ended May 1.  Well, without further a-do here are the pictures:Image

One of the biggest eyesores in the living room is those god-awful pillows!  They came with the sectional and I hated the pillows since eyeing the sectional at the store.  I’ve been looking for replacement pillows for quite sometime now but haven’t found anything that I love.ImageImageImageImage

This is a picture of my mom and I when I was just a baby.  Mom said her and Dad were driving by the beach one day and decided to stop on the side of the road and take a picture!  Goes to show that some of the best memories are spontaneous and unplanned.

Bathroom Tour

So it’s been a little over a year since we moved into our little apartment.  I finally took pictures of what it looks like.  Let’s first take a look at the bathroom.


The bathroom is very small but we’ve learned to work with it.  The only new thing I bought for this room is the blue patterned rug.  I got it at West Elm on clearance for $14 bucks.  Not bad since I think it adds interest and character to the bathroom.  Most everything else you see is re-used it from our old apartment and my old college apartment.


ImageI bought these baskets from Target to hold some of my stuff.  One holds my blow-dryer and curling irons, another basket is designated for my makeup bag, and one basket holds clean face and hand towels.  Not only does it look tidy and nice but helps keep everything organized.

ImageI also utilized baskets to organize his and hers bath and hair products.  The bottom basket serves as a mini linen “closet”.  It holds our clean and spare linens.  I love living in a small space because it forces you to only buy what you need.  I bought these baskets at IKEA.  I lied when I said I had only bought the rug, I bought these baskets to accommodate our need for additional storage.


I took a couple of old IKEA frames and cut out magazine pictures and framed them!  Super easy and inexpensive too!

Welcome Home Micke!

The new desk is up and running.  We purchased it at Ikea (seen here) a few weeks ago but had not gotten around to blogging about it, so here it is!  It’s pretty straight forward, except that it has birch drawers.  How cool is that!  The contrast of the birch drawers and the white desk is pretty much what sold me on it.  I love how it adds dimension to the desk and is not just all white.  I also think it plays off of the other wood tones of the apartment.

The chairs are the same ones we brought from our old (first) apartment seen here.  They were salvaged from a project at my previous employer and I spiffed them up.  Did I mention they were royal blue?  Yup, they were.  And did I also mention they are original Fritz Hansen Series 7 chairs?  Yup they are.  And I got them for free(!).  We have 7 of them, so we use 4 for the dining table, 2 for the desk and 1 just wanders around the apartment.  It’s a nomad.

“Progress” Is The Word Of The Day

We’re moving right along in the move-in department.  There was a time in the middle of  side-stepping in between boxes that I questioned myself “how am I possibly going to fit all of this “stuff” into two small closets?”  To give you a visual, all I pictured was an image of me trying to shove a thick strand of yarn through a needle hole.

As we unpacked, every time we emptied a box, we had a small celebration and chanted “oneeee lessss, box!”  No, but I really think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, or should I say: the light coming in through the windows.  I’m already thinking of what type of storage we will need to buy to store not everyday items like extra linens and winter clothes.  We also need another shoe rack, I kind of took over all of the shoe storage.  Oops.