The Dining Room-for now

We have been in our house for a little over 2 years now.  Where does the time go?  Sometimes it’s good to see those drab before pictures to really appreciate how far you’ve come, because sometimes it seems as though you’re not making any progress.  Below is the dining room piled high with unpacked boxes and the original yellow walls and then pictures of what the dining room looks like now.



We recently purchased a chandelier for the dining room, making this room “finished” for now.  The chandelier is this one from West Elm.  One of the biggest driving and deciding factors was cost.  We bought the fixture on super sale, I think we paid $175 for it.


The gallery wall is probably my favorite thing in this room.  I love that guests always walk up to it and comment on the pictures.  One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to get that “collected over time” look and feel, is to literally collect and purchase the frames as you go.  Don’t go out buying 10-15 frames all at once.  Your gallery wall will end up looking “forced.”  Take the time to buy frames you really love and of varying sizes.  I have always been a picture frame hoarder and had amassed quite the collection over the years.  When I started working on the gallery wall, I laid out all the frames; weeded out the ones that didn’t suit the look I was going for and those that were looking a little bit dated.  From there, I bought a couple more frames here and there until finally deciding to put them up on the wall.DiningRoom2

A Table For Eight

The dining room is shaping up nicely.  I searched high and low for the perfect table that would seat eight.  Trust me when I say that.  The dining room was without a table for about 8 months.  So when I saw the Paloma II dining table at the Crate and Barrel outlet in Naperville, I couldn’t let it pass us by; because it had already happened to us once.  We went to the outlet one weekend, fell in love with the table but went home empty handed to “think about it.”  Sure enough, when we went back, the table was already gone.

What I ended up doing was call the outlet once a week to check their inventory for this particular dining table.  Surprisingly, all of the employees I spoke with were really nice and didn’t mind scouring the floor for the dining table.  When the table came back on the floor, I went and bought it the very next day!  I am so happy with the table and friends and family always comment on how beautiful the table is.

The chairs are the Threshold Brookline dining chairs from Target.  Dining chairs can be pretty pricey, especially when you’re springing for eight of them all at once.  I knew I had to look at budget options.  I originally saw the chairs in  Katie’s dining room, and I fell in love.  I waited for a furniture sale to pop up on the Target website before shelling out the cash for them.


This is Katie’s dining room picture that inspired my dining room chair choice.

Below is my dining room.  I am very happy with how the table and chairs look together.  The wood on the chair legs match perfectly with the table base.  Now I just need the perfect rug and pretty chandelier to place over the table.

IMG_6743IMG_6747IMG_6744IMG_6750     IMG_6753

Shiny New Sconces

I’m super excited to finally show you the wall sconces that we purchased for the living and dining room.  I searched high and low for a fixture that was within our budget but that was still handsome looking.  I ended up going with these guys from this Chicagoland area lighting store.  Their stores are a beauty to walk through. I can easily spend hours and hours gazing at the pretty light fixtures.

Slowly but surely our little home is coming together.  I have also made other updates and changes to the living room as well, which I will be sharing soon.  Hang tight.

This is what the living room looked like before the light fixtures went in.


And this is what it looks like now:



As you can see from the old photo above, this was when we first moved into the house and the dining room was still cluttered with stuff that needed to be unpacked and put away.

And this is what the dining room looks like now.  So clean and crisp and with pretty artwork on the wall.  Can you spot the Elvis photobomb?Image

Mirrror, Mirror

I love estate sales.  This is why.

I scored this amazingly beautiful mirror at an estate sales a few weeks ago.  I actually did not purchase the mirror when I first saw it. I ended up going back with my husband the next day and low and behold it was still there.  I took it as a sign that it was meant to go home with me and so I paid the $80 bucks they were asking and after what seemed like forever, wedged it into the trunk of my car (I have a small 2-door car) and drove with an open trunk all the way home.

IMG_5901The mirror brings much light and reflection into the room that needed it most.