Tufted in Bed

A couple of months ago, our bed was delivered and I’ve neglected to blog about it.  So here it is.  Our bed in all its tufted glory.  It’s a little on the square-ish side, but I couldn’t get my hubby to commit to a more curvy version such as this one.  I’m still really in love with it though.  Obviously, I still need to work on the styling (new pillows, artwork etc.) of the bedroom and find cute little bedside tables too.  I will share as I go!

This is the (embarrassing and blurry) before.

IMG_5752And this is our new bed!



A Pretty Bed

So, not only do we not have a house (more on that here), we also don’t have a bed to sleep in once we buy a house.  So I thought I’d put a quick post together of a few beds I currently have my eye on for once we have a house to house the bed.  I’ve been loving the upholstered beds that I’ve seen lately (see below) so I’m thinking I want to go that route in our future new home.


1. from here 2. from here 3. from here 4. from here

Bedroom - A tufted headboard and white bed linens in a neutral master bedroom

Bedroom - A masculine bedroom with gray walls

1. from here 2. from here 3. from here

My First Estate Sale

This past weekend the hubs and I were on our way to the lake for a morning run.  There was an estate sale at a house around the corner from us, I said “hey, why don’t we stop in?”  Really I just wanted to check out the house to see what it looked like inside…creepy? Yeah, maybe a little.  Neither of us had ever been to an estate sale so we had no clue what to expect.  Literally, everything was for sale!  Everything.  Granted, there was tons of junk everywhere but this was a yard-saler’s (is that even a word?) dream. I saw these couple of tables sitting in the hallway and my eyes twinkled.  They were marked $10 each or 2 for $15!  I almost took both of them home with me, but I really only just need one right now.  I had been diligently searching thrift stores and craigslist for a night stand that was remotely cute, and the fact that I found a cute table and for only $10 bucks!  I’ll take it.

I want to update it, just not sure what I want to do yet.Image