Flowers in a Box

I have window boxes, in my backyard.  My dream of having window flower boxes have come true.  I really wanted the window boxes to be up in time for Vivian’s party and thankfully they were.  I just haven’t blogged about it until now.

The boxes are your standard window boxes from Home Depot.  I also bought a small bag of potting soil, the plastic liner that goes inside the actual wooden box and, of course, picked up a few pretty flowers that caught my eye.  This is a simple project that adds a lot of warmth, charm, and character to the outside of home.


This is what I have been looking at for the past few weeks to get ideas and inspiration…

flower box6flower box1flower box5 flower box4 flower box3  flowe box2

All images via Pinterest

Backyard: Progress

The backyard garden is shaping up nicely.  Since I last blogged about the garden here, I have mulched the garden bed and planted small boxwood bushes between the Hosta plants in an effort to fill in the void and add some height (when they grow in, of course).



I’ve been reading up on gardening and read on another bloggers blog that she religiously fertilizes all of her flowers and plants every Sunday.  I started doing that and am delighted to see how beautifully the flowers are blooming and the Hostas are bigger than ever.  These pictures are from a few weeks ago, I will have to update on another post.

Curvy Brick Border

Progress is being made in the backyard.  You can read more about where we started here.  At the end of last summer, we installed a vinyl fence in the backyard which you can see in the picture below.  I love the privacy that it provides.  So much better.

Chicago weather was on our side last weekend, so we took full advantage and tackled a couple of projects in the backyard.

The previous owners had installed a faux brick border around the edge of the garden bed.  We pulled that out and added a real brick border to the garden bed.  This ended up being an entire day’s worth of work, but it’s one of those projects that make you smile when you’re done because you feel like you accomplished something. A great feeling indeed.  Backyard


I also pulled up the flower bulbs that run next to the brick wall and moved them to the other garden bed.  The flowers never flourished there, so we’ll see how they like their new home.  To fill up the newly empty space, I picked up 5 baby size boxwood bushes at Home Depot in hopes that they will provide a fullness and depth this garden bed is missing.  It will be at least 2 years until we can see the results and fullness of the bushes.  With gardening you learn to be patient, among many other things.  Can you spot my little helper?


Backyard Update

The backyard is looking a little different these days compared to this.  First of all, I ripped out all of the shrubs and miscellaneous greenery that was growing haphazardly.  This alone took me about a week….gardening is hard work.  Who knew?  After the bed was cleared, I added some curves to the gardening bed because the rectangle bed was too rigid looking.  This step took me another week to complete.  Maybe I’m just a slow gardener?


I also went to home depot and bought a couple of hanging plant hooks and pretty planters to adorn the back entrance (which we primarily use because we park the car in the garage) and another planter to adorn the garage entrance.

IMG_5912 IMG_5913 IMG_5919I also painted the garage window frames because they were an eye-sore due to the chipping paint.  The windows need replacing, but a quick fix until then, was to add a quick coat of paint.  The left window is painted and the right one is what it looked like before I added a quick coat of paint.

IMG_5908Lastly, look what sprung along the side of our building. An abundance of lush Hosta plants.




With Spring Comes Green

I have garden on my mind but have no. idea. where and how to start.  The weather here in Chicago is finally starting to warm up it seems and so I’ve been thinking about doing some work in the backyard….it’s in a pretty crappy state right now.  But at least there’s a gardening bed.  Right?  I’m thinking positive here.





This is what I’m working with.  Not so pretty eh?




Here’s what I’d like to work towards.  Ambitious you say?  Maybe, but I’m willing to give this whole gardening thing a try.

The Plant That Keeps on Giving

The hubby and I recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and my mom gifted us a plant for the occasion.  She told us that “love and marriage are like a plant: you have to love and nurture it so it will grow.”  (How sweet is that?)

So now I need a plant stand to set the plant on.  She gave us the plant already on a planter, thankfully.

Here are a few I’ve been eyeing…

Great little modern table/plant stand.  I feel I would get a lot of use out of this one, not just for a plant stand.

I like the wooden structure of this one, but I would have to buy a whole new planter to match and fit the plant stand.  Not sure if I want to shell out the cash for all that.

Love, love, love this Retro Bullet.  Would look great in the little nook I’m thinking of putting it in.

Another great architectural option similar to the Retro Bullet above.