How To Make Your Photographs Look Like Expensive Artwork

I love using my own photographs as artwork around the house, especially if they are from a vacation.  They add personality to a home, and they are also great conversation starters!

Photography is definitely not one of my strengths, so what I like to do to make my pictures look like they’re postcard  or art gallery worthy, I switch the color to black and white and I play with the contrast and brightness until I get a result that I like.  By the way, I like to use Photoshop but you can use any photo editing software that allows you to change the contrast and the color to black and white.

Here’s a quick how to….

1.  This is what the original looks like…

2.  This is what it looks like when I changed the color to black and white…so gray and mucky

3.  This is what it looks like after I fiddled with the brightness and contrast…so much brighter and less grayish

4.  This is what the final result looks like!  I bought the picture frame on sale at Marshall’s for like $4 bucks.

Not bad huh?  Another tip: I like to buy picture frames that have a nice bright white mat.  This helps the photograph stand out even more.

By the way, for those of you wondering, the picture I used in the tutorial is from a trip to Italy I took when I was in college.