Freshly Painted Bathroom Reveal

I”m excited to show you the freshly painted bathroom!  The bathroom is far from done, but for now, I’m happy there’s a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  The bathroom is really, really, dark.  I was second guessing the choice of paint color, because it obviously made the bathroom even darker.  Now that we’ve lived with it for a few weeks, the yummy warm gray paint color has grown on me.  I still have to add some pretty artwork to the walls, and I would also like to change the rug and shower curtain.  I’m thinking a pretty organic pattern on the shower curtain would be nice.


You can see the before photos of the bathroom here.

Tufted in Bed

A couple of months ago, our bed was delivered and I’ve neglected to blog about it.  So here it is.  Our bed in all its tufted glory.  It’s a little on the square-ish side, but I couldn’t get my hubby to commit to a more curvy version such as this one.  I’m still really in love with it though.  Obviously, I still need to work on the styling (new pillows, artwork etc.) of the bedroom and find cute little bedside tables too.  I will share as I go!

This is the (embarrassing and blurry) before.

IMG_5752And this is our new bed!



Finally Painted

The living and dining room are painted and I ended up choosing a different color altogether from the color samples that we painted on the wall (see here).  I went with my gut and went with a lighter gray in the living room and an even lighter gray-almost white in the dining room.  I love how it turned out.  Especially the dining room, it’s so much brighter in there.  It’s just what I was longing for.





Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s crisp and oh-so fresh.  The color I went with is Edgecomb Gray HC-173 (Dutch Boy paint color matched to Benjamin Moore swatch).  We will painting the pinky-beige ceiling in the near future.





This looks bluer on screen than it is in person.  In here I went with Seapearl OC-19 (Dutch Boy paint color matched to a Benjamin Moore swatch).

The previous owners painted the ceiling trim white and left the bottom trim in its original state.  We’re still struggling with what to do.  Do we paint all the trim white?  Or do we strip the paint off the ceiling trim?  We do know that the contrast of the new paint color and the white trim in the living room looks awesome!  That has us leaning towards painting the trim in the rest of the house white.  But we’re not sure just yet.

Gray Area

It’s time we get rid of the dirty yellow paint that is on the living and dining room walls.  I know I want to go with a light gray.  However, I am also afraid that bringing in gray on the walls will result in a gloomy and dingy room, especially because we don’t get a lot of light into these rooms.

So, to minimize the risk, I decided to buy a few paint samples and give them a try before committing to one color.



The color on the left is Abalone 2108-60.  On the upper right hand side is Revere Pewter HC-172, Grant Beige HC-83 is on the lower right hand side.  Right now all of the paint samples I chose look a lot darker than I had anticipated….I’m thinking going a shade lighter.

Stay Tuned….

It’s All In The Details

One of the most charming elements of our house are the original details that have remained throughout all these years.  The house was built in the 1920’s (can’t recall the exact year), but that’s a loooong time.  I want to make sure we preserve these historic details because I think it adds character to the house (obviously) and they are great conversation starters as well.

Everyone who has been over to see the house are amazed that such architectural details have endured the current era of demo-and-renovate everything and anything under the sun.



IMG_5688An original built-in ironing board (located in the kitchen next to the pantry).

IMG_5693Original wall phone, doorbell push button and mechanical ringer (look at top of picture).


IMG_5700Built-in linen closet and laundry chute that goes down to the basement!!

I don’t know if I’ll ever make use of the built-in ironing board and laundry chute.  I personally would feel awkward ironing in the kitchen and also the laundry chute goes down to the basement which is pretty dirty and unfinished.  Maybe one day…

Gray Area

We’ve been in our house just over a month now and we’ve done a few projects now.  We ended up having to replace all of the electrical wiring on our unit (1st floor) because it was really old and was a safety hazard.  The wires were fraying and falling apart eeeek!  That was an unexpected expense we didn’t see coming just yet, but we shelled out the cash for our safety and peace of mind.

I also got my paint on and painted the 3 bedrooms.  There is no better way to liven up a room and space than with a fresh coat of paint.  After I painted the first bedroom (our bedroom) the house finally started to feel like our own space.  I can’t even begin to describe how crummy and gross the house was when we moved in.

I painted all bedrooms the same color.  It’s a cool gray with some green undertones (I seem to have misplaced the paint chip sample…oops).


This is the office after the new paint job.  What about that pretty French door?  Definitely one of my fave details of the house.

We Bought a House!

Finally! After almost a year of waiting, and looking, and waiting, and then some more searching, we have closed and moved in to our new home.  It was certainly a relief to finally have accomplished something we were working towards for so long.  However, it was a scary feeling at the same time, to know that we now have this large note with our names attached to it.

We purchased a 2-unit home in the Chicagoland area.  We knew since the beginning this is what we wanted.  We both have student loans we hope to pay off soon, and the only way we could see this happening is if we bought an income-producing house.  We were lucky in that the house came with established tenants!  That was a huge relief for us since we didn’t have to worry about renting the upstairs apartment (for now).

We’ve been in the house for a little over two weeks now, and there’s still a lot of stuff that needs to be put away and organized.  But here’s a few pictures of our place as it is now.  We definitely have plans to upgrade and restore many of the home’s original details.

IMG_5127This is the living room and the view when you walk into house.  Check out the original stained glass windows.

IMG_5115The door on the left is the main entrance, and the arched doorway leads into the dining room.

IMG_5129A closer view of the arched doorway.

IMG_5128And…..this is the dining room, currently a dumping ground for pretty much everything.

IMG_5132The not-so-cute bathroom.

IMG_5136There’s absolutely no storage space!

IMG_5137A view into one of the bedrooms…..again, a complete and utter mess…story of my life these days.

IMG_5147Welcome to my kitchen!  One of the first things we plan on re-doing.

IMG_5148That door lead to the back entrance and stairwell.


One of the things I’m most excited about is this space right here ^^  a huge pantry!!  I have plans to spruce it up and make it all cute!

That folks is our new house.  We’re excited (and a little overwhelmed) to pretty it up and make it our own.  I hope you join me as I share the ups and downs of our journey on this little blog here (aka my little corner of the ‘net).