“Progress” Is The Word Of The Day

We’re moving right along in the move-in department.  There was a time in the middle of  side-stepping in between boxes that I questioned myself “how am I possibly going to fit all of this “stuff” into two small closets?”  To give you a visual, all I pictured was an image of me trying to shove a thick strand of yarn through a needle hole.

As we unpacked, every time we emptied a box, we had a small celebration and chanted “oneeee lessss, box!”  No, but I really think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, or should I say: the light coming in through the windows.  I’m already thinking of what type of storage we will need to buy to store not everyday items like extra linens and winter clothes.  We also need another shoe rack, I kind of took over all of the shoe storage.  Oops.

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